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 Can I set auto shutdown for Windows?


Computer makes our life and work much easier. In this modern society, we can not even live without it. We also need to shut off our computers to keep them secure or save power, etc. However, some people are not good at remembering to shut off computers. Some people are always on the go and cannot show down Windows in time. Sometimes, some important applications need to be running for a long time with computers on when we need to shut down windows. Sometimes we may want to listen to music or watch movies before sleep and are reluctant to get up to shut computers off. Therefore, I strongly recommend an excellent method to set auto shutdown for Windows at the requested time.


set auto shutdown for Windows

Winmend comes with a program Auto Shutdown, which is a free auto shutdown software provides users with an innovative way to monitor and control the hows and whens of computer shutdowns. With simple settings, it can shut down, hibernate, stand by or log off the computer automatically at a scheduled time.Please download the latest version of WinMend Auto Shutdown from our official site: or The setup has been scan by ESET NOD 32, Norton, McAFee, it's 100% clear.



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