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 Data Recovery Software Windows 7 Supported New Version Release

New York, USA-Jan 7, 2010- As we know, many reason can cause data loss, such as virus intrusion, software crash, human errors, hardware failure. So data recovery is becoming more and more important in recent times. And WinMend Data Recovery New Version 1.3.4 is released to help users to solve this problems. Since It's former version released, it was highly praised and trusted by worldwide users.


What's New

The new version of WinMend Data Recovery has fixed some bugs, and improved support for Windows 7. Now user can run it more smoothly on all windows operation system, Windows 7/ XP/2000/Vista.


Key Features

    • The 1-Click data recovery design of WinMend Data Recovery, making PC data recovery more convenient for both novice and professional computer users.

    • WinMend Data Recovery supports three scan modes: Quick Scan, Full Scan and Unformatting Scan. Usually, Quick Scan can find most of lost data in shortest time. Full  Scan will find more data but takes more time. After formatting a drive, unformatting scan is a good helper.

    • After searching the lost data, WinMend Data Recovery also provide us selectively recover lost data by setting a specific file formats, which greatly improves the efficiency of data rescue.

    • WinMend Data Recovery can run smoothly on Windows Operation System, no matter Win7, Vista XP or 2000.


To have WinMend Data Recovery, you only need to spend $29.95. Have you ever imagined that so popular software were so cost-effective? Actually, no, you probably haven’t. Also, WinMend gives you more benefits, Ten Dollar more, you can take All WinMend Five Products home including WinMend Data Recovery. Just to find it here:


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based in New York, USA makes it possible for Windows users to fine‐tune their PCs for optimum performance and rescue their lost data. PCs that are maintained using winmend optimization tools are less cluttered, and are proven to work faster and be more stable. Lost data that are restored using WinMend Data Recovery are again regained. Now all WinMend products are popular all over the world. End‐users can find WinMend Software directly on the company's home page (

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