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 How to activate WinMend History Cleaner?


1. First, you should has a license for WinMend History Cleaner, if you have not, please click here to get it.
And you should install WinMend History Cleaner, if you have not install it. You can download the latest version from here: click here

2. Run the software, please click "Register", you will find the Window like below one:

activate WinMend History Cleaner_step1

3. Type the license into the blank table, then click "register" button.

4. You will get this message box:

activate WinMend History Cleaner_step2

That mean is :WinMend History Cleaner has been activated.
Tips: If you get this message:

activate WinMend History Cleaner_step3

Please make sure the license be typed is right, then try to click "register" button. If the message still pop up, please contact us support(at)


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