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 How to clear my all browser history with WinMend History Cleaner?


In normal, Browsers History including Cookies, History, Temporary Internet Files, Recently typed URLS, Last download location, Index .dat files, AutoComplete from history and so on.
WinMend history Cleaner supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Communicator, Opera, Google Chrome.

Step 1: Run WinMend History Cleaner, choose "History Cleaner";


Step 2: Choose all options in "Browsers", and then cancel all options in "Windows", "Applications", and "Cookies";

Step 3: Click "How_to_clear_my_all_browser_history" button;

Step 4: The scan result, you can click "View Details" to check search details, or click "Start Cleanup" to proceed.


Tags: Clear browser history, IE cookies, Google Chrome Internet cache, WinMend history Cleaner

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