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 How to install WinMend History Cleaner?


1. First, we need download the setup of WinMend History Cleaner from here:
The setup has been scan by ESET NOD 32, Norton, McAFee, it's 100% clear

2. Then double-click "WinMend-History-Cleaner.exe", you will find the below window:

How to install WinMend History Cleaner_step1

3. Please read the license agreement of WinMend History Cleaner, if your accept it, please choose "I accept the agreenment", then click "Next>";

How to install WinMend History Cleaner_step2

4. Please select destination location: where should WinMend History Cleaner be installed?

How to install WinMend History Cleaner_step3

5. Please select Start Menu Folder: where should Setup please the program's shortcuts?

How to install WinMend History Cleaner_step4

6. Please select addition Tasks: which additional tasks should be performed?

How to install WinMend History Cleaner_step5

7. Ready to install, click install to continue with the installation, or click back if you want to review or change any settings:

How to install WinMend History Cleaner_step6

8. Completing the WinMend History Cleaner Setup Wizard. You may select "Lauch WinMend History Clearner" and run the program.

How to install WinMend History Cleaner_step7

Now, WinMend has been installed in your PC.Clear All History keeps your computer clean and helps you protect your privacy by permanently cleaning Internet history, Windows history and application...


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