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 How to install WinMend Registry Cleaner?


To install this registry optimization software, you have  to download it from WinMend first. Here you can download the lastest version of WinMend Registry Cleaner: It's 100% clean.


Step 1, Double-click "WinMend-Registry-Cleaner.exe", you will find the below window:



Step 2, please read the license agreement of WinMend Registry Cleaner, if your accept it, please choose "I accept the agreenment", then click "Next>";


Step 3, please select destination location: where should WinMend Registry Cleaner be installed?


Step 4, please select Start Menu Folder: where should Setup please the program's shortcuts?


Step 5, please select addition Tasks: which additional tasks should be performed?



Step 6, Ready to install, click "install" to continue with the installation, or click back if you want to review or change any settings:



Step 7, completing the WinMend Registry Cleaner Setup Wizard. You may select "Launch WinMend Registry Clearner" and run the program.




Now, WinMend has been installed on your PC. You can use these registry optimization tool to tune-up your PC, to speed up your computer.

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