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 How to recover lost data?

To recover lost data, please go through the following steps.

Step 1: Start WiMend Data Recovery software, Select the Hard Disk Drive where the data lost for scanning. Here we choose D:\




Step 2: Click "Quick Scan" to search the lost file quickly. There will be a scan confirmation box pop-up.


Step 3: Click "Yes" to scan, or click "No" to do nothing. The scanning process show you below.



Step 4: After scanning, the results will be listed. Choose the valuable data to recover by selecting the check box.




Step 5: Click "Recover" button to select the location for saving the data. Then Click the "OK" to do data recovery.




Step 6: The recovery process will last for a moments. The time is decided by the lost file size.




Step 7: Click "OK" to recover other lost data.



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