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 How to use WinMend Auto Shutdown?


To use this Windows auto shutdown tool, please go through the following steps.


Step 1: Please open WinMend Auto Shutdown.


main screen


Step 2: Select one of the task such as shutdown, log, Stand by, Hibernate.


Step 3: Select the way of shut down automatically or log of automatically and so on, such as Each day, a day, Final Countdown. Also you can adjust the time of auto shutdown.


Step 4: Click "Start Task" button to perform the auto shutdown task.


perform confirmation


Step 5: Click "yes" to continue.


prompt windows


Step 6: Select whether to promptme in the future, click "ok" to finish setting.


Step 7: To a certain set time, there will be a countdown to shutdown prompt dialog box pop up.




Then you can click"Cancel Tast" to cancel the shutdown task or do nothiing to perform shutdown.



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