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 I am using WinMend Folder Hidden, and I failed to unhide the file. How to find my data that disappear in the hidden list?


If you using our software WinMend Folder Hidden, and failed to unhide the file or folder. Please do as below:

First of all, please answer following questions, which is directly related to the possibilities of re-obtaining your Hidden files or folder.

1. What is your Operating System, 32-bit or 64 bits and the language?

2. Which version of WinMend Folder Hidden are you using?

3. Have you run any cleaning software after hiding your files?

4. What anti-virus program are you using?

5. Can you recall anything unusual (such as a system crash or system restore or system reinstall)  after hiding your folder(s)?


Second, please Download the attachment by clicking here:, then uncompress it.


Third, run FindData.exe, select the drive where you hide your file, select the drive's tpye (FAT, FAT32, or NTFS) and then press "Find Data" button.


Last Step, please copy the string the strings appear in the textbox and your answer to the questions and send it to us: After we get the answer and strings, we will decrypt it and tell you how to get your hidden folder back.

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