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 I lost the password of WinMend Folder Hidden. Can I get my password back? How?


Of course, you can retrieve you password. To get your password back, please follow the steps below:


PLEASE NOTE: Password Retrieve Service is fee-based. So Order ID is must, otherwise, we can do nothing in getting your password back.


First, please purshase "WinMend Folder Hidden Password Retrieve Service".


Then download the attachment by clicking here:, uncompress it.



Then run Getpass.exe by clicking on it and press "Get Password".



Last step to get your password back, you need to copy the strings appear in the textbox of "Getpass" and your "Order ID" and send it to us:

After we get the strings and confirm your Order ID, we will decrypt it and send the password back.

By the way, we provide two mode of this service, you can select by yourself.


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