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Do you have to hide folders or files of a sensitive nature, there are many solutions. You can use specialized tools that will disable encryption and password access to sensitive information. You can disguise a file to other formats, and you can use cheaper and tricks. For example, to include in Windows do not show hidden files and folders, simply add an attribute that will make them hidden. Tricks, good or bad, really a lot.


Here's a good one to fit a small tool that hide files and folders seem elegant, but remarkably effective. WinMend Hidden Folder is so successful at hiding files that would have been a shame to miss right.


Custom hand, works very simply. In the first run you will be required to enter a password that will later be needed to run the program and that the hidden files and folders again make available to everyone. After that, you will be a very simple interface.


It really boils down to a list of files and folders, while the right side of the main window, the basic functions available. So, if you want to hide folders or files, you would click the appropriate button and they will in the twinkling of an eye be hidden (surprising how fast it works, even if the files are large) and then added to the list of designated appropriate status.


When you want to display, it is enough to mark an item check mark button and squeeze Unhide and they will, almost magically, be returned to the location where they were hidden. In fact, you deliberately say that it will be returned because the program will be to hide them, move to a specific location, but they and encryption. Ingenuity is actually what makes this tool so popular in the broad masses.


We do not intend to find out what exactly WinMend Folder Hidden done to hide the file because it would, in fact, reduce the very value of this tool. However, the only hint we have to do with the rubbish bin in Windows, so if you want to further explore - Naval.


In any case, the files you select to hide, you can be sure, really will be well hidden. You will not be able to even find the disk, which is even better, you can not even find that you are using another operating system. To make matters even better, files and folders can be hidden if they are on portable disks and flash memory. No matter what they connect to other computers, files and folders you want to stay - hidden. To re-discovered, you will need to use WinMend Folder Hidden and know the correct password.


Some would probably wonder, what if I forget my password? Then things get complicated, no help there, and you can choose password retrieve services. If you data can't be unhidden, you need to download a small tool called a "FindData.exe", answer a few questions and send information to that little tool to collect and send them by e-mail address for support and wait for a response that will restore the file. So, all is not lost, but it sounds like a potential security failure (again, provided you know how the files are hidden and do it right this tool).


Looking at it purely from the application side, not very powerful. Its authors, seems to be true advocates of asceticism. So there is no support for drag and drop features, and even no configuration (though some features can be defined in ini file in the installation directory), and can only affect the color of the interface (note the small squares in the upper right corner of the window) and language (for now, is not localized in Croatian).


But all this is not so crucial. More important is that it is really skilled at what he does and it certainly can be verified. Working quickly, fairly reliably, and the files and folders will be really good to be hidden from unquestionable individuals. To make matters even better - it is totally free. So, definitely worth it to add its own collection of software. You never know when you might ustrebati.


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