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 What is WinMend History Cleaner?


WinMend History Cleaner is a utility that can comprehensively clean histories produced by various programs in the system.

It can effectively scan and clean histories generated by more than 100 programs.These histories include cookies, browsing histories and cache files by browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and histories by a great number of other applications such as Microsoft Office, WinRAR, Windows Media Player and RealPlayer.

Clearing these histories not only can boost system speed, but can also effectively prevent your privacy from being disclosed. WinMend History Cleaner can give you a cleaner and safer operating system!

Interface of WinMend History Cleaner: you may select the style

Interface1_WinMend History Cleaner

Interface2_WinMend History Cleaner

Interface3_WinMend History Cleaner

Interface4_WinMend History Cleaner

Interface5_WinMend History Cleaner

Pack box:

pack box_WinMend History Cleaner

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