Customer Testimonials

 Bill Slack
"WinMend Folder Hidden is a very nice and an excellent example of a small, niche-filling program. I've been working with computers / hardware / software / programming for over 45 years so I can appreciate a good piece of programming. Well done."

 John Sanders
"I have your folder hidden product, which is great! Thanks for providing it. It is has a very good feature that if someone reinstall the Window or boot from any other system, all the folders remain hidden."

 Ionut Ilascu - SoftPedia Editor
"We threw the app into some pretty hard tests and went as far as changing the operating system (an action of which we were sure that would crack the hidden files visible) and yet there was no sign of them. So the easy tests such as trying the Safe Mode, switching the user or changing the file manager were bound to fail, and they all did."

 Shawn - Brothersoft Editor
"WinMend System Doctor - Picks of the Week for Utilities 6.2.2010 - Posted in Picks of the Week, Utilities by Shawn"

 Rachel Edelman
"Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, WinMend Products is suited for any user who needs to optimize their windows system."

 Pruitt Zimmerman
"Easy to use, excellent pricing and the software done me a good hepl in recovery my photos. Thank you. No need to say more, it's great!"

 Jonathan Woolard
"I bought your Program WinMend System Doctor and I am very pleased with it. In my opinion it saved so much time and make my computer system run faster. Best wisthes and ongoing success!"

 Asha Sherman
"As a novice, your programs to me are great. They always guide me step by step. What all I need to do, is do several simple settings and clicking mouse. By the way, one dollar more gives me great surprise!"